Victim of Criminal Identity Theft Spends 32 days in Missouri Jail

Criminal Identity Theft Victim

27-year-old James Molden has finally been released from jail after spending 32 days due to his identity being stolen.

It all started when Molden went to a police station in DeKalb County to file a report with authorities to let them know that his Social Security number was stolen by his former roommate.

“I was in Stone Mountain. I was surrounded by six different police cars and cops telling me I have warrants for my arrest,” he said according to an interview that Molden did with Carl Willis from Channel 2.

According to Molden, the former roommate was able to use Molden’s personal information to purchase a car that he subsequently never made payments on. Additionally, the identity thief opened multiple bank accounts and then bounced checks throughout Pulaski County, Missouri.

Eventually eight different warrants were made out for the arrest of Molden’s identity thief, however it was the real James Molden that authorities arrested.

Molden had to then wait in jail until he was extradited from Georgia to Missouri. The trip was over 700 miles and took about seven days. Throughout the ordeal, Molden was handcuffed, shackled and felt like he was “basically being treated like an animal.”

Eventually, the charges were dropped by the prosecuting attorney in Pulaski County after they realized that they had the wrong person.

While Molden has stated that he is relieved about the charges being dismissed, he still has multiple issues to deal with after having his identity stolen.

“I lost two jobs. I lost my car. I spent 32 days in jail,” Molden said.

Additionally, Molden still needs to pay $3,900 for his bail.

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