When looking to hire someone to work inside your home, it’s critical to know more than just who the person is. Not only is it important to find out if the potential candidate has the proper qualifications to handle the position, but it’s also imperative to ensure that the person that you might be welcoming into your home isn’t putting you, or your family, at risk.

This is particularly true when searching for a nanny or a full-time babysitter – after all, this person will take care of your child when you’re not there to directly supervise. In recent years, it seems that there has become an alarming increase in news of abusive or dishonest nannies as well as improperly run daycare services making it essential that you conduct a thorough background check prior to hiring a nanny.

You should make it your mission to gather as much information as possible prior to hiring a full-time babysitter to ensure that you are making an educated and informed hiring decision.

A few things that a nanny background check can help with the following:

  • You can screen a potential candidate to make sure they haven’t committed crimes in areas where they have lived nor are they on any sex-offender list.
  • You will be able to do a Social Security number verification to ensure that they are who they say they are.
  • A background check on a nanny can ensure that they are a safe driver.
  • Additionally, you can uncover whether the candidate has been masquerading under a other aliases.

A thorough background check on a babysitter along with a proper interview should be able to give you a pretty good idea as to whether or not the person you’re looking to hire has a history that would make him or her unfit for the job.