Cook County Inmate Search


Cook County Department of Corrections / Cook County Jail

Physical Address:
2700 S. California Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60608


The Cook County Department of Corrections is situated on 96 acres, and is known as the largest county pre-detention jail facility in the U.S. This facility primarily holds pre-trial offenders. Cook County Corrections Dept. admitted 86,110 inmates in 1996 and averaged 9,000 inmates (daily population)

The D.O.C. complex contains 11 separate divisions / units and each unit is headed by it’s own Superintendent.


Main Contact & Other Important Phone Numbers for Cook County Department of Corrections / Cook County Jail:

Automated Help Line773-869-5245      
Main Telephone Number773-869-7100      
Business Office773-869-6866      
Legal Office773-869-7683      
Executive Director’s Office773-869-2859      
Program Services773-869-6815      
Records Department773-869-6804      
Training Academy708-583-3150      
Personal Property / Trust773-869-6864      


Questions regarding the Cook County Jail:

Finding an inmates housing location:
Call the automated telephone number: (773) 869-5245     

For the purpose of bonding, only cash or certified checks are accepted and if using a certified check this must be done during normal banking hours.Credit cards are accepted for payment of cash bail. If posting bail bonds by credit card you must complete this transaction in person by visiting the 26th street and
California facility.

Sending mail to an Inmate:
send to: P.O. Box 089002
Chicago, IL 60608
you will need to include the inmate’s name and
ID number, the ID number can be obtained by calling
the automated phone number:             773-869-5245      

Items that are not permitted to be mailed to inmates:

adhesive tape
aerosol cans
bar soap
cigarettes or cigars
lighters or matches
credit cards
dental floss
foreign or illegal substances
glass, wood or metal objects
hair brushes
hair picks
ID cards
marking pens
medicine or medical supplies
nail file
nail clippers
paint brushes
pencils, pens or sharpeners
pictures that show weapons, money or gang signs
playing cards
plastic sentiment, musical cards, or very large cards
polaroid pictures with double backing
tape players
TV sets
stickers, decals or patches
hair rollers, bobbie pins, hair clips or plastic caps
twine, wire or other binding materials
Clothing, including but not limited to: tee shirts, underwear, socks,
gym shoes.
paperback books
newspapers (limited to three per mailing)
postage stamps

*Some of these items are made available to inmates through commisary.

money orders that are in excess of $100.00 will not be accepted.
money orders that are altered or not properly filled in will
NOT be accepted.

Inmates are not allowed to correspond with other inmates
from other correctional facilities without prior approval
from wardens from both facilities.


Wiring Funds to an Inmate:

To wire funds to an inmate use Western Union using Quick Collect.
The following information will be needed:

Code City: CCDOC
State: Illinois
Account: (enter the inamte’s FULL name and ID #)

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Cook County Mugshots

Nelson T Sharrod, born on 09/07/1993, was arrested on 08/09/2015. He was charged with manufacturing and dealing heroin. His bond has been set at $50,000.

Nelson Sharrod Mugshot


Alexander G Eleopoulos, born on 08/09/1995, was arrested on 08/09/2015. He was charged with burglary of a residential home. Bond has been set at $75,000.

Alexander G Eleopoulos Mugshot

Kasey McClain, born on 08/14/1990, was arrested on 08/08/2015. He was charged with felon possession and use of a firearm.

Kasey McClain Mugshot