Citrus County Road Rage Incident Turns Deadly

Robert Eric Doyle Mugshot

Robert E. Doyle, 51, has been charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 44-year-old Candelario Gonzalez. Doyle is additionally facing three counts of aggravated assault.

According to reports, the incident started after an “aggressive driving incident” in the Citrus Hills area. Doyle drove to his residence off Desoto Street where he pulled into the driveway. Gonzalez, who had followed Doyle to his home, pulled up in front of the house.

Doyle got out of his automobile and approached Gonzalez’s vehicle, which was also occupied with his wife, child and grandchild, with a firearm.

Upon seeing the firearm, Gonzalez got out of his car. According to witness reports as well as the captured 911 audio recording, Doyle fired a shot, briefly paused before firing a second shot, paused again and then fired his gun rapidly three times.

After shooting Gonzalez, Doyle approached Gonzalez’s vehicle and pointed his firearm at the occupants. He made them all get out of the car, where he held them at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

While being placed under arrest, Doyle stated that while on his way home, Gonzalez tried to force him off the road and that Gonzalez followed him all the way back to his house. Doyle claims that he only brandished the gun after Gonzalez threatened him.

Gonzalez’s wife tells a different story. According to her version, Doyle was the one driving aggressively, and the family only followed him to get his address to give to law enforcement. Upon arriving at his home, according to Gonzalez’s wife, Doyle immediately pointed a gun at them.

Deputies said that there was an independent witness who claimed to see the entire shooting from approximately 75 yards away. According to the witness, Doyle pointed the handgun at Gonzalez, and that Gonzalez was backing away when Doyle started shooting.

Doyle is currently being held without bail.

To get additional information check out the following Citrus County mugshots.


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