Feds Claim Identity Protector LifeLock Failing to Protect Consumer Data

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is going after identity theft protection company LifeLock for allegedly misrepresenting the protectio.n it provides for customers. LifeLock offers multiple services that are meant to reduce identity theft as well as limit the amount of damage that’s done if a customer’s personal data is hacked, including sending alerts of suspicious activity pertaining to a customer’s […]

Experian Faces Class-Action Suit Over Identity Theft

A class action lawsuit has been brought against Experian, by Maudie Patton and two other named plaintiffs, for the credit bureau’s role in selling confidential consumer information to 25-year-old Hieu Minh Ngo through its data broker subsidiary Court Ventures for nearly 10 months. Court Ventures, which had contracted with Ngo, was acquired by Experian in 2012. Ngo, using an […]

Ride-Sharing Companies Uber and Lyft Hit With Improper Background Check Lawsuit

Rival car-hailing firms, Uber and Lyft, are sharing the spotlight after being sued by Michael Nokchan who was a driver for both ride-share companies. Nokchan alleges in his lawsuit that both companies performed background checks without giving proper disclosure and therefore illegally obtained credit reports. While Nokchan does admit to signing authorization for the companies to obtain the background checks, […]

“Ban the Box” Adopted by Koch Industries

Ask Hillary Clinton, and she might seat them the head of the table for gatherings of the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Greenpeace calls them bankrollers of climate change denial. They’ve poured hundreds of millions into libertarian and conservative advocacy groups, and helped fill campaign coffers for conservative political candidates. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid once excoriated […]

New Law Requires Businesses Offer Identity Theft Protection Services to CT Residents after a Data Breach

Connecticut recently passed a new law, Public Act No. 15-142, that was signed by Governor Dannel Malloy and aimed at providing better fraud protection services to any Connecticut resident impacted by a data breach. The law, which will take effect October 1, 2015, requires that any company that experiences a data breach whereby the name and Social […]