Feds Claim Identity Protector LifeLock Failing to Protect Consumer Data

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is going after identity theft protection company LifeLock for allegedly misrepresenting the protectio.n it provides for customers. LifeLock offers multiple services that are meant to reduce identity theft as well as limit the amount of damage that’s done if a customer’s personal data is hacked, including sending alerts of suspicious activity pertaining to a customer’s […]

Experian Faces Class-Action Suit Over Identity Theft

A class action lawsuit has been brought against Experian, by Maudie Patton and two other named plaintiffs, for the credit bureau’s role in selling confidential consumer information to 25-year-old Hieu Minh Ngo through its data broker subsidiary Court Ventures for nearly 10 months. Court Ventures, which had contracted with Ngo, was acquired by Experian in 2012. Ngo, using an […]

BillGuard Adds Identity Theft Protection as Part of its Services

BillGuard, the crowdsourced security system which touts itself as the world’s first people-powered antivirus system for all things related to finance, has introduced a new feature today on its iOS app to protect users from identity theft. Retail data breaches continue to be on the rise and impact millions of American consumers, and fraud committed on stolen credit and debit cards […]

How To Stop Scam Phone Calls

A survey that was done by Truecaller discovered just how serious a problem scam phone calls are in the United States. According to their study, Truecaller found that close to 20 million Americans were bilked out of approximately $8.6 billion in 2013 alone! In a statement given by CEO Alan Mamedi, “We think the actual dollar number lost may be even higher due […]

Common Phone Scams to Be Aware Of

Telephone scams are a popular method for criminals to bilk people out of their money — from a few dollars to their life savings. In fact, according to a Truecaller/Harris survey nearly 20 million Americans fell victim to a telephone scam in 2014, costing Americans $8.6 billion or an average loss of $488.80 per household. The reason telephone scams are so popular […]

Identity Theft Statistics: Do You Fall into One of These Groups

Identity theft continues to be a problem in the United States with the Federal Trade Commission recording over 2.5 million fraud complaints, including 783 data breaches and 332,646 identity theft complaints in 2014. While Congress is looking to introduce new legislature to help diminish the impact of data breaches that lead to personal identifying information being stolen, identity theft will continue to […]

Intuit Facing Potential Class Action Suit Over TurboTax Security and Identity Theft

Intuit, the creator of popular tax-filing software TurboTax, is having a rough year. The company got off to a bad start when tax authorities from several states detected a large number of suspicious filings from TurboTax users, causing the company to halt state filing and then federal filings for a few days. The mess triggered an investigation […]