Countries With the Highest Divorce Rates

Surprisingly, the world’s highest divorce rates aren’t found in the U.S. According to the UN’s Demographics and Social Statistics Division which has records of the divorce rate for every country, the country with the highest ratio of divorces is Belgium, with a whopping 71% of marriage to divorce ratio. Looking at the statistics, it’s clear  that certain […]

The 10 Highest Divorce Rate States In The US

Singles, take note: Per the most recent Census Bureau report released, a shrinking number of people in the United States are getting married and according to the data it appears as if the trend will continue to decline. The findings also show that people are waiting longer before getting married, with the median age increasing from 22.5 years for men and […]

Who Can Look Up My Divorce Record?

A divorce record gets created within the jurisdiction that the dissolution is taking place to officially annul a marriage. Divorce records, like many other forms of information, are considered part of public domain. They are kept on file in the county in which they were filed and can be easily accessible with a bit of time and information. […]