Guilford County Man Arrested and Charged for Rape

Daryl Russell Jackson, 30, of the 2300 block of Juliet Place in Greensboro, Guilford County was arrested on Tuesday by the Guilford County Sheriff’s office. Deputies arrested Jackson and charged him with three counts of rape of a child, three counts of indecent liberties, three counts of incest and four counts of statutory sex offense. The charges come […]

Alicia Elizabeth Lander Found Guilty of Committing an Indecent Act

26-year-old Canadian woman Alicia Elizabeth Lander was found guilty of indecency stemming from an incident in January, 2014 where she was caught with her underwear around her ankles. According to Lander’s testimony to the court, she had started drinking heavily, downing shots of whiskey, because she was ‘depressed’ before boarding her flight from Toronto to Halifax on flight number 610 on Air Canada. […]

Maricopa County Jail Goes After Deadbeat Dads for Mother’s Day

The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) celebrated Mother’s Day weekend by having deputies from the MCSO along with four volunteer members look for deadbeat parents — those who have stopped paying financial support for their children as ordered by the court. The operation to find deadbeat parents celebrated it’s 20th anniversary and is run by the MCSO on […]

Larry Fuller Arrested for Child Endangerment After Taking 3 Year Old to Crackhouse

Larry Fuller, 60, is facing child endangerment charges after he took a three-year-old that was in his care, identified by neighbors as Shaughn, to a crack house. While Fuller agreed to watch the three-year-old, he instead took the child on a three-block walk to a “known drug location” on Avenue V, according to authorities. When Shaughn’s parents found out that […]

The Walking Dead Actor Seth Gilliam Arrested for DUI

Seth Gilliam, known for his roles on The Wire and Teen Wolf, and a current star on hit show The Walking Dead, was arrested in Peachtree City, Ga., about 30 miles southwest of Atlanta where production for season six of the The Walking Dead has begun. Authorities told TMZ that the 46-year-old Gilliam, who plays Rev.Gabriel Stokes on The Walking Dead, was pulled […]