Babysitter Arrested After Being Caught Burning Child on Nanny Cam

Babysitter Lidia Quilligana

31-year-old Danbury woman, Lidia Quilligana,  has been arrested Friday evening after authorities say she intentionally injured a child in her care.

The child’s mother came home from work and noticed injuries on her  three-year-old daughter. When the mother confronted Quilligana about the injuries, the babysitter explained that while she was tending to the other children, the three-year-old had accidentally touched a hot stove.

The child was taken to a hospital for treatment of the injuries. After coming back from the hospital, the child’s mother reviewed video from a hidden nanny camera that she had recently installed and saw that the injuries were intentionally inflicted upon the child by Quilligana.

Police were called to the scene to investigate the video; after they went to Quilligana’s home in Danbury where she was immediately arrested. She is currently being held in police custody on $100,000.00 bond.

Quilligana will face arraignment today in Danbury Superior Court where she will face charge that include first-degree assault, risk of injury to a minor and criminal mischief.

This case highlights the need to do proper background checks on babysitters to help ensure safety and peace of mind. Fortunately, the widespread availability of public records and online databases means it is possible to learn about the people you need to interact with everyday. Use our background check portal which brings together billions of records to make that search easy for you.

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