Authorities Arrest Four in East Harris County Identity Theft Ring

Two of Four Suspects Arrested in Identity Theft Ring

Deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office have arrested and charged Crystal Ballinger, Cody Ligori, Tina Harrington, and Kenneth Grimet for identity theft that involved over 200 victims and 300 pieces of identifying information.

The victims’ identifying information was obtained by the four suspects through purse snatchings as well as from breaking into hotel offices to steal employee applications all in an attempt to get social security numbers and other identifying information. The suspects than used the various information that they stole to open fraudulent credit cards and take out cash at ATMs.

Some of the victims included the elderly, who began receiving bills and other pieces of mail from credit card companies that stated the victims owed them money.

While authorities have been able to tie the identity theft ring to at least 200 stolen identities, they believe that there may be additional victims.

If  you’re worried that your personal information may have been stolen, you should obtain a free annual credit card report,  consider doing a background check on yourself, and monitor your bank and credit card statements regularly. 


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