4 Year Old Killed Himself With a Loaded Gun Left in His Babysitter’s Home

4 Year Old Shot Dead North Harris

A 4-year-old boy was found shot to death in a house on the 1900 block of Imperial Stone Drive in north Harris County, Houston on Sunday. According to homicide detectives from the Harris County Sheffif’s Office, it appears that the child, who was at his babysitter’s home, got his hands on a loaded gun that was in the house and somehow shot himself. Authorities aren’t sure at this point how the boy was able to find the gun.

Over a dozen police and emergency vehicles crowded a small street after a call was placed about heard gun shots. By the time the EMS team arrived, the boy was not breathing and EMS was unable to revive him.

Relatives stated that the child’s mother, Ashley Beal, had dropped her son off overnight with a long-time friend to babysit her son so that she could celebrate her birthday.

Authorities from Precinct 4 were investigating the scene on Sunday to try and piece together the exact details of the events that occurred. Currently, officials have not stated the type of gun that was used nor who it belonged to.

EMS  returned after noon to pick up the Beal’s babysitter, who collapsed on the concrete road in front of her home, suffering convulsions as she sobbed in grief.

This is the second young child in Houston to die in an accidental shooting over the weekend as a 3-year-old died Friday evening in northwest Harris County after finding a gun in a purse and shooting himself.

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